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Metallica AWMH Charity Live Show - Replay

3 years 7 months ago #54352 by Ironskulls
Ironskulls created the topic: Metallica AWMH Charity Live Show - Replay
My family and I watched the Live All Within My Hands show Saturday evening, and it was F'n amazing! Was live from the MET HQ in a special room with fan views (I signed up for that but did not get a slot..booo). They did an acoustic set the first half, took a break and then (surprising everyone) came back and did a plugged in, kick your ass electric set.
The interaction between the band and the fans and knowing you were watching this Live, as it happened, was really, really freakin cool.
They still have the full show relpay available for the same price (14.99 for a ticket, and other options like 25 for the show and a mp3 download of the full show - I got this one!). Best thing is that all, 100%, of the monies for tix, shirts, etc, etc goes to All Within My Hands Charity. This year they are helping food banks and places of education. Really amazing stuff.
If you are a fan, this is a MUST SEE and it's cool to know it is all for a good cause.

Here is the link and below is a 26 min clip of a few of the songs.

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