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James Durbin - Stay or Go?

9 years 11 months ago #48260 by DJ Grinder
DJ Grinder replied the topic: Re: James Durbin - Stay or Go?

Da314man wrote:

DJ Grinder wrote: Here is my main point. This station and website is called Not or or

But that is YOUR interpretation of the meaning. I take and always took it since finding the site in 2004 that it was a style term. By your definition all the 70's stuff and the part of the heyday up to 1992 would all go away and we'd be left with a catalog about 6500 songs. Thats about how the site had when I became a member.


Bring back OSMS and maybe some other "shows" to break it up.

Not entirely true since there are still plenty of 80's bands still making music. AC/DC. Def Lef. Metallica. Megadeth. WASP. Queensryche. Krokus and so on. However its not an interpretation of the meaning. It is what it is and its pretty self explanitory. hardrockin80s. I dont see where the confusion is.

That being said, i am not saying to get rid of everything that is not pure 80's. What i am saying is that we have gone out into the fringe and maybe we need to reel that fringe back in some.
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9 years 11 months ago #48265 by Chris
Chris replied the topic: Re: James Durbin - Stay or Go?
I'm going to close this topic for now. The tribe has spoken and James Durbin has been voted off the island.

If he releases another album and it's a better fit we can re-evaluate that album.

There's a topic called the Music Conundrum that is a good place to take the non artist specific thoughts you have. That is a great place to post ideas about the direction of the station.

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The topic has been locked.
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