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Missing Tracks (To Check Out)

8 months 3 weeks ago - 8 months 3 weeks ago #54859 by Ironskulls
Ironskulls replied the topic: Missing Tracks (To Check Out)
Mostly AOR tracks, but thought I would throw out some deep Baltimore 80's rock tracks that are freakin catchy and cool. Enjoy!

BootCamp "Fire in the Hole"

The Ravyns "Don't Leave Me this Way" (you may recall their semi-hit Raised on the Radio from the Fasttimes soundtrack).

Crack The Sky "Hot Razors in my Heart" (recall this one getting a little bit of national airplay so you may know this one...killer, killer guitar solo. Saw these guys at Painters Mill club in the early 90's and accidentally caught an acoustic set of John Palumbo, the singer and writer, at The WaterFront Bar in Fells Point in 91).

DC Star "Is it You" (these guys hailed from DC, but were always in Baltimore clubs in the early 80's. Awesome riffs here).

I'll add more as I bump across them :)
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