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Registration Issues Fixed (?)

9 years 8 months ago #48101 by Chris
Chris created the topic: Registration Issues Fixed (?)

We've had issues with users being able to receive HR80s system emails if they are using Microsoft email accounts (hotmail, live, outlook, etc). This has even prevented some users from being able to register and activate their accounts...

I think we've fixed this issue (we've been able to verify they are going through to a test account)

You may notice Microsoft flags our messages as spam. To ensure we are not blacklisted (ie no mail from our server is received), can you mark our emails as 'Not Spam'? That will go a LONG way to making sure our emails are delivered to all users reliably.

Now, depending on your settings and interaction on the site, you may receive a LOT of HR80s emails (private messages, group message subscriptions, wall posts, etc). You can always change your email notifications by going to your HR80s Profile page and unsubscribe.

Note that this is very important to manage your settings this way. If you flag emails as Junk in your emails programs (or don't correct them by telling them they are NOT junk), you are basically telling Microsoft and other companies that we are spamming people, and we do NOT send any email that is not specifically asked for. If you find you are receiving email you didn't request, please contact me and I will help you to change your settings.


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9 years 8 months ago #48106 by freebfree
freebfree replied the topic: Re: Registration Issues Fixed (?)
Why does every new member have a "restricted access" to their profile Chris?

HR80s is Hard Rock and Metal from 80-89. Crank it up!!!

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2 weeks 1 day ago #54958 by Illuminatus
Illuminatus replied the topic: Re: Registration Issues Fixed (?)
Registration issues are not repaired. Aside from a select few, here's what the rest of us get:

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