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Albums: 1
Songs: 10
Random Request
Event Horizon
Albums: 23
Songs: 203
Random Request
Iced Earth Night Of The Stormrider Burnt Offerings The Dark Saga Dark Saga A Tribute To Judas Priest Legends Of Metal Days of Purgatory Something Wicked This Way... Something Wicked This Way Comes Alive In Athens (Disc 1) Alive In Athens (Disc 2) Alive In Athens (Disc 3) The Melancholy EP Horror Show Tribute to the Gods Alive in Athens (2 of 2) The Reckoning (single) The Glorious Burden Overture Of The Wicked Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked - Part 1) Dystopia Live In Ancient Kourion Plagues Of Babylon
Albums: 4
Songs: 48
Random Request
Icon Night of the Crime An Even More Perfect Union Right Between The Eyes
Albums: 2
Songs: 18
Random Request
The Spider Queen Year Of The Metal Tiger
Albums: 1
Songs: 11
Random Request
Genetic Memory
Albums: 1
Songs: 10
Random Request
Albums: 3
Songs: 28
Random Request
Iommi The 1996 Dep Sessions Fused
Albums: 37
Songs: 308
Random Request
The Soundhouse Tapes Running Free Metal For Muthas Iron Maiden Killers Killers (Bonus Disc) Run To The Hills The Number Of The Beast Flight Of Icarus Piece of Mind The Trooper Powerslave Live After Death - CD 1 Live After Death - CD 2 Somewhere In Time Somewhere In Time (Bonus Disc) Seventh Son of a Seventh Son The Evil That Men Do No Prayer For The Dying Fear Of The Dark A Real Live One A Real Dead One Man On The Edge The X Factor Virus The Best of the Beast Virtual XI Brave New World Best Of the 'B' sides Dance Of Death Death On The Road A Matter Of Life And Death The Final Frontier En Vivo! Maiden England '88 CD1 Maiden England '88 CD2 The Book of Souls
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Hide Away
Race The Night
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