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Welcome to the New and Improved HR80s.com!  We're still testing and converting things, so pardon our dust if things don't work correctly or seem out of sorts.  


So...The main point is to provide a more secure and stable platform for future growth.. Accomplished.  I also wanted this site to be more than a radio station. More than a way to request and dedicate music. I wanted it to be a resource.  Hear something you've never heard, but want to know more? Click on the artist name and find a bio about the artist. See any related artists. A totally cool way to discover new music!


Some new features in place, or coming soon:

New Request and artist system! This allows you to find new music more easily.

Live Search - type in a search term and it will automatically, in real time, search all songs, artists, album, lyrics, articles and forum posts for a match. Very, very cool.

Artist and album details - Soon we hope to populate artist bios, album review. You can now rate albums as well as songs.

Add youtube videos and lyrics.

Artist, album, and song stats. The new system tracks views of those and shows stats.

You can now comment on virtually anything within the site. Artists, songs, albums, news articles. Pretty much anything.


Coming Soon:

  • Social networking. This will be done in the very near future. Join groups, write on user walls, add videos, songs, etc to your profile page and share with other metalheads. You...gonna kick ass...
  • Points. We'll be bringing back the points system. We'll have to port over your points from the old system.
  • Chat will be brought back soon.
  • More features coming soon!
  • Ringtones brought back.


We hope to address bugs over the next few days. You can comment on this post to report any bugs.    We should have converted over all prior backstage pass holders. If you experience issues, please email me right away!!


We hope you enjoy the new site. It's a long time in the making and we hope the work shows and you find it 110% better than the old site.



Music Videos

April Wine
Rock & Roll Is a Vicious Game

Kissin' Dynamite
Money, Sex & Power

Crazy Lixx
Blame it on love

HR80s Artist Bios


Genre: Power Metal Genre Power Metal
Years active 1982-Present
City Hamburg
Country Germany
Web www.helloween.org

Helloween were formed in Hamburg, Germany, by guitarists Kai Hansen and Michael Weikath, bassist Markus Grosskopf, and drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg. Originally named Second Hell and then Iron Fist before morphing...

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