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RRHOF 2017 Inductees

9 months 3 weeks ago #53195 by Ironskulls
Ironskulls created the topic: RRHOF 2017 Inductees
Time for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions again. First off, many of us have been pissed at the board for years, but they have at least opened up some and have let some more than deserving hard rock/metal bands in during the past few years (Rush, Metallica, Sabbath, to name a few).

Also, I keep thinking they should rename the Hall to The National Music Hall of Fame and get the R&R out because the Hall is obviously open to many genres of music, including one once again this year that is from the rap arena.

That being said, here we go:

1) Pearl Jam - Like grunge or not, these guys had a HUGE impact on the music scene in the early 90's. I still think their debut release "Ten" is a masterpiece of rock.

2) Journey - Another "about time!" These guys have been around for years, have sold millions of albums and are one of the, if not the most, well known arena top-40 rock bands of all time. Some a bit mushy, but their catalog is also full of some serious great hard rock tunes.

3) Electric Light Orchestra - This was the first real rock band I got into back int he 70's when I was a youngin. Out of the Blue is one of the greatest prog rock albums ever written. Jeff Lynn is an amazing writer, exceptional producer, etc. Well deserved indeed.

4) Yes - Was not into these guys too much (was a much bigger fan of Asia when they came out and still follow them as they are releasing new albums). But there really was no other band like Yes, with the mix of prog, jam, rock, jazz fusion, wow, crazy indeed, but much also crossed over into the radio play. My fave albums from these guys were the 80's releases like Big Generator.

5) Joan Baez - Not really rock, more on the folk side, but one that made quite an impact on the respect of women in music, and also the strong social implications of her lyrics. Don't forget she was the originator of the classic covered tune of Diamonds and Rust!

6) Tupac Shakur - I know Rock and Roll, not. But from a music standpoint, like rap or this guy or not (RIP) his impact on urban writing and rap in general cannot be denied. Since this genre of music gets on a regular basis (like the well deserved NWA last year) then this is valid indeed.

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9 months 3 weeks ago #53196 by Rippin Russ
Rippin Russ replied the topic: RRHOF 2017 Inductees
I am a BIG Journey guy..being from the SF bay rea how could I not be..and HELL YES Love me some ELO!!! Peal Jam..ok whatever..the rest?? yes drop the R & R title..cause its not...thanks Skulls..
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9 months 3 weeks ago #53197 by freebfree
freebfree replied the topic: RRHOF 2017 Inductees
RRHoF is incredibly lenient.

Well written review Ironskulls.

I don't agree with much of what this organization does and am definitely in favor of making it the music hall of fame and drop the RnR...

Huge Yes fan from the 70s on. Major influence on countless musicians and groups with never before heard comeities!

ELO? Absolutely.

Journey? Well deserved.

Joan Baez? Great singer song writer. Not rock.

Pearl Jam? Could care less but at least they rock.

Tupac? Rap not rock, 'nuff said.

HR80s is Hard Rock and Metal from 80-89. Crank it up!!!
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