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Anthem Of The Estranged [K. Vanderhoof] Starved for destination, a beggar man by trade A desperate man needs more than someone else to blame Friendless he appears, he hides behind his tears For things he's lost, or things he'll never have at all The forgotten man wanders misplaced in the world Obscurity is all the eye can see, and I recall All alone again As we pass on by and continue with our day Can we appraise the quality of life some other way? All alone again When you take a longer look at someone on the run You may see reflections of yourself becoming one Take an extra moment when you find yourself at peace To think about your values and your own affluency Everything you've worked for and everything you've done May be thrown by the wayside, and you're not the only one Everything around you may seen worn and overused But imagine yourself removed from all that you're used to All alone again Once an influential man, once was in his prime He spends his days repeating lines like "can you spare a dime?" Shunned by those loved you and by those who were your friends Can you adjust to a different life of living on the edge? The destitute find meaning in a different way of life The doorways that they dwell in are shelter in the night No shining crystal possessions set out for his display His purpose is to find the food to get him throught the day All alone again Roaming aimless through the streets of supply and demand Once a gypsy disconnected, no more, no future plans Self discarded king of ruin, worthless to the world Fight to keep his sanity, his voice is never heard You may think it thoughtless and his mind is on a string (?) He always seems to find a reason to get him through the day All alone again He staggers down the alley to drink his spirits by himself As he prays to God that he wakes up somewhere else


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